Sunday, September 21

shameless promotion: podcast awards

this year's podcast awards nominations are open until september 30th!
if any of you guys have a few minutes to head over to the podcastawards site
and nominate us for any of the podcasting awards, i'd really appreciate it!
it would be so very cool to get nominated for one (or all!!) of them!!

(you can only vote once, and only one podcast per category - except for people's choice & general -
so keep that in mind!)

the website is

Katia and Kyliemac V.O. (Original Version)

Katia and Kyliemac Learn French

Katia and Kyliemac Tourist Tips

and don't forget to vote for any other podcasts you may listen to and love!


Justin said...

Done! Good luck and I hope you win!

Mia said...

Okay I voted. But you two also fall into the comedy and entertain categories as well. Now if Frog would post on a regular basis, I would have entered him for best video podcast.

The Bold Soul said...

Done, done and done!

Starman said...

I voted for you in five categories. I tried to do two more but they wouldn't let me.